20 January 2012

{DIY} Luminaires - Houses by Night

Good morning my lovelies, can’t believe it’s Friday again!
So, I found this great tutorial from Fellow Fellow - it’s so simple to do and adds such a sparkle to a room. Shall we take a look?

You will need:

one:: Find your image and materials.
two:: Cut the image and finish at the same height of either side of the paper {the ends will need to meet}. After cutting you can trim any other little parts you don’t need or like the look of.
three:: Using a Xacto knife {on a cutting mat}  carefully cut out any windows on the image so the light will shine through.

four:: Wrap the image into a cylinder {overall size if up to you} and stick it together with tape. You can now trim any other bits that don’t quite match or any excess when you joined the ends of the image.
five::  Add your battery operated tea light…and wait until it gets dark!

Isn’t it so sweet??
 For more photos and tips on how to make this d.i.y really work please go to Fellow Fellow’s page {here}.

image source and tutorial from Fellow Fellow

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  1. Wow, this is such an incredible DIY - I really want to make it sometime!


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