03 February 2012

Doodling a Gift Voucher!

I too...doodle!

It is an essential part of my creative process…for anything! Even if it’s the smallest logo, a blog post, etc.
As I was younger, getting through a design it would take a lot of doodling indeed - many ideas put to paper and getting the best of the best of them.

Now, it’s different, maybe because I’m different in terms of experience, maybe it’s just a lack of time {or better time management!} I do most of my doodling in my head. I ponder and think and normally know exactly what I want and the look of the finished ‘item’ by the time I actually put pen to paper.
And here’s a good example of that. My old outdated homemade gift vouchers were in need of a revamp, and when a lovely client wanted to order one I just had to make an update in a giffy… and a giffy it was!

And so, from paper to action {yes, I jotted the idea down on a recycled envelope as I always use up used paper for my doodles – why not!?}

Better, isn’t it?

 This is a Gift VOUCHER that will now develop into a Gift CARD {double sided!!} which is something I’m working on at the moment. So when those are finished, printed and looking gorgeous then I’ll show you… you know I will!


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