A little about ME!

I am a Mum of two boys, a lover of travel, photography and everything 'design'!

Born and raised in the Portuguese countryside, where I've spent most of my years studying Art & Design - when I decided to pack my bags and fly to England, where I lived for the past 19 years.

After that adventure {and very recently} I am now back in Portugal, returned to my roots, my sunshine, to my family and friends with arms wide opened - with a bag full of longing, English traditions and customs, two beautiful boys and hope in my heart - for the next 19 years of catching up in full bliss and in a constant pursuit of Happiness.

PEPPER & BUTTONS {my store/handmade collection}

My shop: 'Pepper + Buttons' was born soon after my second baby as a need for meaningful {& beautiful} personalised presents...and make redundant the usual 'dust collectors' once and for all.
I try and capture children's imagination & wonder through the same concept as Victorian shadow boxes and yet keep it contemporary with a sparkle of whimsical and inspiring.

We also love the environment so we use only recycled materials on both our products and packaging.


News and updates on our products, offers and giveaways...
We wish to tickle some beautiful bones, keep days a little sunnier and even, perhaps, add a little extra smile.

This is a blog about beautiful artwork, childhood, awesome environments, inspiration and the little (and best) things in life...a little peak into my life and what I love!

This blog is dedicated to you, whether you are blessed to sharing this life living with children or not - a window into my world which I hope you find a little inspiring {perhaps}, find a little beauty and even, maybe, have a little giggle. 
So have fun, and enjoy the blog!

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