14 January 2016

surreal houses by matthias jung

This week our 'artist love' goes to Matthias Jung, a German graphic designer who mesmerises us with his compositions of surreal homes, or as he calls them 'architectural short poems'.

Jung uses his photographs and arranges them in unexpected ways, so we can visualize a hole new perspective on how we could see the world.

These are just so dreamy, I could have not share them with you.

Find Matthias' full works on his website (here).

If you like this, you will also like Laurent Chehere's 'Flying Houses' (check them here!)

Have a great day...and be inspired!

12 January 2016

d.i.y. modern camping themed birthday

For this week's best of the web decor tips and inspiration, I chose this amazingly beautiful and modern camp-themed party, all handcrafted!

For the full story and all the images, please visit 100 layer cake (here).

never forget :: david bowie

Letter to Ziggy

Earlier this week I was saddened with the news of your departure.
Myself and many thousands of others whom, like me, were enlightened with your genius.

Only two days earlier I was celebrating your birthday, as I do every year - the day the Universe decided to grant us with the its most amazing, most 'extraordinary, alien, otherworldly creature' - I have always been so proud you were a 'strange' Capri like me!
All in all, aside from the sadness of knowing that this world (and mine) has lost one of its Greatest, and consequently, it is now a more empty and shallow place... I am grateful.

Grateful to have 'known' you, recognised you, idolised you (even had a crush on you in my younger years). Grateful to respect you as a human being, for your intellectual depth, and the great innovator you were.
Grateful to have listened to all your albums and picked my favourites - some will be with me forever, as part of my very own personal soundtrack - to have listened to those very loudly, to have danced like nobody was watching, and to have sang your eclectic strangely arranged lyrics in my head days on end, whenever the time (and my sub-conscience) decided to remind me they were there, out of the blue.

I am grateful.
Grateful that I could honoured you rightly, as you deserve, still in life.
I gave you a place in me and my story.

Thank you Ziggy, you will always be a part of me.

ps.- As I'm writing this, your distinctive voice is sweetly invading my most favourite and most attended of all dance floors... my kitchen!

"I don't know where I'm going from here
but I promise
it won't be boring"
- David Bowie

:: image :: via pinterest
:: gif :: via sploid

11 January 2016

weekend wander

Hello friends, how was your weekend? Did you go anywhere new, nice and interesting?

This week's weekend wander is through the streets of the very Portuguese city of Santarem, where I currently live.

The photos were taken early in a very sunny morning (during a much needed morning run), so the streets are practically deserted - and yes, still with the Christmas decorations in full swing!

all images by me via instagram

chalk mood

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17 December 2015

the four gift rule :: how to buy presents

Christmas is my favourite time of year, as I guess, it is for some of you. But the big dilemma each year is, what and how to buy your presents.

It is true that most of us, and especially at this time, are ruled by a very tight budget, but to keep to the Holiday spirit you still want to be able to gift your loved ones with something meaningful or at the least something to say 'I care for you' on this special time.

If you have children then you know what 'Christmas cheer' means since they have invaded your life...the smile on those faces, the excitement all around the season, from the glittery decor, twinkling lights, to the merry songs!

The secret, as it is for most things in life, is to keep focused and edit! 
It means focusing on what's important, do not deviate from the task at hand (getting distracted with the next-best thing...or store!) and editing - which is eliminating anything superfluous.

This is a great rule to follow, especially for your own children, which, I believe, will be the ones getting the most number and most meaningful presents from you (you will not dare ever skip them from your list!).

So, here's the FOUR GIFT RULE which you can keep safe and locked in your secrets drawer (together with your Santa's costume and tooth-fairy mini letters) and use it over and over again, every Christmas.

And don't forget to pass the word around to other grown ups in trouble!

Pippa xoxo