19 February 2015

world press photo winners

massimo sestini, italy
You have probably seen (and heard) the world press photo winners of this year have been announced. Here are some of my favourites.
To see all the winning photos please follow the link {here}.

mads nissen, denmark

ronghui chen, china

tomas van houtryve, belgium

sarker protick, bangladesh

anand varma, usa

yongzhi chu, china

14 February 2015

all we need is...

Love is in the air and I am totally in love with the illustrations and hand lettering posters by the young and beautiful Vanessa Kinoshita. Check her website here.

Have a great weekend.

26 January 2015

hoping for the best

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There are so many false things in this world,
false people, hopes, words.
We're tired of being let down
by the things that shouldn't  matter,
but do anyway.

Because we are idealists
who wish for things to be true,
though truth is the farthest thing we've known.

And the hoping never ceases,
no matter the disappointments
or the buzzing swarm of lies
that fill our heads with disbelief.

We stay cynically hoping for the best.
Because  that's what it means to be a