22 December 2014

a star is born

"For a star to be born,
there is one thing that
must happen: a gaseous nebula must collapse.

So collapse.
This is not your destruction.

It is your birth."

:: image source :: tumblr
:: text :: n.t.

17 December 2014

winter whites

colour board . winter whites
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one . two
three . four

15 December 2014


"we are here
to laugh
at the odds
and live our lives
so well that
will tremble
to take us"

:: image source :: pinterest
:: text ::charles bukowski

08 December 2014

light as a feather

"Her touch was as light as a feather's,
She drifted through life as a pocket of air,
Every move that she made went unnoticed,
Nobody acknowledged her presence,
And it wasn't until she had started to leave,
That people would instantly wonder,
Why it became so much harder to breathe."

:: image :: joni niemela
:: text :: e.h.

02 December 2014

lost at sea

"I laid my head upon your sleeping chest
and listened to the ocean.
Like a little girl
with her ear pressed against a shell.

I laced my fingers with yours and felt the ache
of a thousand years of wisdom.
Like an old woman 
with her eyes crinkled by time and enlightenment.

I blinked my eyes against the sunlight
that draped itself against your velvet skin.
Like a newborn
reaching self awareness.

I was lost at sea inside your arms
and had never felt so found."

:: text :: ec
:: image :: jill heyer