20 April 2014

18 April 2014

20 best d.i.y. easter eggs

Easter is upon us - maybe, if you are extra organised, you have already decorated your eggs for the occasion.
Or maybe, you decided to take that time through the long weekend to decorate them with some help from the kids, since they are all now on a school break. If that is the case, here are some magnificent ideas - the best d.i.y. decorated Easter eggs from the blogosphere.

feather eggs by Cazadora de Inspiracion

moustache eggs by trendenser

pantone eggs by How About Orange
eggs with attitude by pysselbolaget
ikat eggs via trendenser

crochet eggs by LVLY

sprinkle eggs by studio diy
black and white eggs by obviously sweet
sequin eggs by studio diy

natural brown eggs painted with white pen by Kaley Ann

metallic + glitz eggs by miss renaissance
easy hipster eggs by one good thing

moustache eggs by Oh What Fun
hand written calligraphy eggs {source unknown}

fruit painted eggs by bliss 
ombre eggs {via}

black and white drawings by make room

party hat easter eggs by studio diy

easter eggs bunny and friends by confetti sunshine

decoupage - family photo eggs by a subtle revelry

Hope you got inspired...and have lots of fun this weekend!


17 April 2014

in love with ....amamak photo

'Mixed Project' is a beautiful and romantic project by Amamak photography, manipulating images to become scenes and portraits in double-exposure.

You can visit the etsy shop {here} and get one of these beauties to yourself!

::image source:: amamak photo

11 April 2014

typhoon :: CPR / Claws pt2

A little music Friday to get our feet tapping {and soul smiling} into the weekend. Hope you like this one - see the video {below}.

Have a great weekend!

10 April 2014

springtime in paris

Les amoureux de la Bastille, 1957
Willy Ronis

As April brings the new beginnings of spring, the air gets a little warmer, the moods get lighter, the birds fill the skies, the tress are blossoming as so is love - all around.

Ah Spring! It is definitely a magical time of year, even more so, as you can't avoid but wonder how it would be to spend springtime in the most romantic city of them all...Paris!

On the banks of the Marne, 1938
Henri Cartier- Bresson

These are a collection of iconic photographs from the 20th century, some of which have recently, and for the first time, been added for auction at Christie's.

So here's a chance for all of us to delight in these black and white, timeless beauties!

Rue Mouffetard, 1954
Henri Cartier- Bresson

Couple d'amoureux au Jardin du Luxembourg, c. 1932

Lamplighter, rue Emile-Richard, 1931

Paris, 1989
Elliott Erwitt

Lovers, 1934
Marcel Bovis

Un fox-terrier au Pont des Arts, 1953
Robert Doisneau

Un regard oblique et la femme indignee, 1948
Robert Doisneau

L'Enfer, 1952
Robert Doisneau

The painter of the Eiffel Tower, 1953
Marc Riboud

Le Petit Parisien, 1952
Willy Ronis

::image source:: {via} The Huffington Post and Christie's Auctions