07 February 2012

{A-Z photo a day} B is for Balloon

For my second day at Souvenir Foto School by Besotted Brand, I chose B for Balloon.
I had a white balloon with me at home and thought that would be an interesting item to photograph for my theme: Macro.

I believe people find it hard to imagine what the photo actually represents, it is the knotted bit! When knotting the ballon it actually went a little wrong and it all got entangled, therefore the double-knot. Even though I tried to un-do it and re-do it, it was all without success so could only photograph what I had {it was also the only balloon around!}.

It may look a bit strange and too abstract perhaps but I love it. I love the shapes and the colour...it's definitely arty enough for me!

And realising that B is actually a very easy letter to find around the house I also got the following:

B is for Banana.
B is for Barcode
B is for Buttons

B is for Blue

B is for Book

and one of my favourites: B is for Brush.

If you would like to see more of my photos you are very welcome to visit my flickr page here.


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