10 July 2012

Ixxi.nu :: Design your wall art

If you have never heard of ixxi.nu then you are in for a real treat!

ixxi is a decorative wall art system which uses 'x's  and 'i's  to connect the squares printed with your own images or from a vast image bank available online.

The beauty of it: they can be as small or as large as you like!

Due to the material of the collective of squares, you can use it as wall art {on your walls, of course!} or even as screens - ideal to add colour + divide small spaces.

When you create your own wall collage why not go as wild and creative as possible?

Why not pixelate it?

I think it's just such a beautiful and contemporary effect - the hues and shape let us still recognise the image without the limitation of outlines {and focus!}.

My personal favourites have to be the pixelated masters...how refreshing.
Can't wait to order mine!

You can visit ixxi.nu website's {here}.

photo credits: ixxi.nu


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