07 May 2013

best boy + girl shared room ideas

It is always a great dilemma if you ever have to come to decorate a shared boy/girl room.

You want to add the gender-related details and colours as both children deserve it, but not to overstate each other...nor the room.

Details are key, and a little discernment is needed.

So let's take a look at these super inspirational ideas you can do yourself, without having to rob the bank.

Paint is a magical ingredient when dividing a room. It's an illusion divider and a great space saver {let's say it!}.

Either paint whole walls, areas or just an accent {above the beds} to add the division and gender colours you wish.

 As creating space is of the essence, a soft room divider is also a choice. A curtain or piece of beautiful fabric can do the trick.
If you have the space you can go 'all out' on the division. Wallpapers are great for that as they will add texture and pattern as well as colour division. There is no illusive shared bedroom as this can be summarised as two diverse bedrooms - in one!

If the walls are neutral, and white makes it all the bigger and brighter, the secret really is to keep it simple. Add the differences with the soft furnishings and details.

Store collections always offer an array of choices in complimentary colours to suit both genders....use them!

And...you know me, I like it neutral and if there's black and white then even the better!

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  1. Some lovely ideas here! I think curtains are a great way of separating a space and adding privacy without having a wall!x

    1. I agree! And with so many beautiful fabrics around... a great way to add colour and pattern too!

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  3. This is great!! Love all these ideas! Thanks for sharing!!

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