28 October 2011

Mini Bouquet Favor {a flower gift tutorial}

Normally on a crafty Friday like today we would recommend something for the weekend, a crafty how-to to make with the kids but today it’s different. It is dedicated to all of us who love to receive {and give} flowers! This wonderful and original tutorial was spotted on Outras Flores blog via Simplesmente Branco (my favorite Portuguese online magazine!) and it such so versatile I had to share it with you!
It is such a simple idea and so beautifully put together - ideal as a wedding favor, a gift for a dear friend or any other special occasion gift.

You will need: leaf of aspidistra, a flower (this example a rose was used but you can have a carnation, chrysanthemum or any other you love ) and greenery (for example eucalyptus). To tie:  ribbon (material and size of your choice) and a golden/silver pen if you wish to write a sweet message!

After preparing the flowers and removing all excess leafage, fold the leaf of aspidistra as the images illustrate and staple, making a vase shape.

Put the rose and the eucalyptus in the ‘vase’, tied the ribbon and write a lovely message on the outside.

photos by Piteira Photography
'Obrigado' {Thank you}. Hope you like it!


  1. Nice ideas on gifting you have shared with us. I think, Flower gifts are most attractive and beautiful to give someone.


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