22 October 2011

recipe:: Owl Cupcakes

This is a great idea to let the children get involved and make their own owl cupcakes {you might want to make one ahead and use it as example}.

For one cupcake you will need:
- a cupcake,
- chocolate frosting,
- 2 Oreos,
- 2 brown and 1 orange Smarties (or Reece’s Pieces) – you might want to have more colourful owls and in that case you pick whichever colours you like!

First frost the cupcake with the chocolate frosting.
Untwist an Oreo then carefully push two brown Smarties (or whichever colour your would like for the eyes) onto the white part of the Oreos.

Place the Oreos onto the cupcake – these will be the owl’s eyes!
Put an orange Smartie on its side between the eyes to make the owl beak. And there you go, enjoy!

Recipe source by One Charming Party, photography by Nicole Hill Gerulat


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