16 November 2011

New cards!

I've got a confession...I adore stationery. Did you guess? Well, you probably did. Anyway, I am a stationeri-aholic and am always happy whenever I find myself in a room full of cards, pens and pretty paper {being it wrapping, wall or just plain paper!} So it is fitting to guess also that I was thrilled when I received my new business cards.

I am in love, truly in love with them. To be honest I feel like I’ve cheated just a little as I was supposed to make my own design {and since that’s the part I love most!} but there are a few good reasons why I thought that this time I would be allowed to pick from a template: 1st because I let myself run out of cards, 2nd the latest design is now outdated {our blog is missing}, and 3rd I couldn’t find time to make a new design before now.

And aren’t they just gorgeous? I fell in love with the 5 different patterns and even the colour – I think it goes well with the Pepper & Buttons aesthetics - and besides, it’s just to keep me tied for this Christmas so when the season is all done and dusted I will then design the ‘proper’ Pippa ones. So here are 3 big cheers for the intermediary/rebound business cards that are so pretty I could keep them all to myself!

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