22 December 2011

{Photo Inspiration} Stick Tree

image source
Normally on a Thursday I dedicate most of my blog posts to promote and feature the work of independent artists & crafters. But since I do that often anyway, any other day of the week and whenever I find something exciting and new to show you, I will now dedicate the Thursday morning post to my favourite kind: the photo inspiration.

I have the photo inspiration posts on a Monday morning and it sets me on a good mood and course through the first day of the week – it is an immense joy to make them and I’m always looking forward to them too…we all need a little something to come to work to!  
Also, I am so fortunate to come across so many beautiful and inspiring images {photos and illustrations} that it would be a waste just to have 52 a year! So from now I will have this little feature twice a week, Monday and Thursday  - I hope you don’t mind.
After all this blog is all about my inspiration and what ‘moves’ me on a daily basis… it is a fruit of love!



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