29 December 2011

Time to Clear the {e-mail} clutter

I love un-cluttering sessions where you take away the old to make room for the new. And as the saying goes, it certainly keeps my mind clear too.

And this time of the year is the best for that, don’t you think? There is nothing quite like welcoming a brand new year getting rid of all {or at least, some part} of the disorder and mess kept from the past. And… this is also true of our e-mail boxes!
Have I really subscribed to all of these? What companies keep filling your inbox with virtual junk mail which I never even heard of? The solution is here: Unroll.Me.

Follow the link and see the 56 second video and all with be cleared – literally! Just add your email address to unroll.me and it will give you a list of all the subscriptions your email address is related to – and you only need to tick the ones you would wish to never see the daylights again!

Easy-peasy… and let’s get our inboxes cleared for the New Year’s new opportunities.


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