15 December 2011

{Tutorial} Homemade Snow Globes

This is a fun little tutorial which you can make with the kids. Everybody loves snow globes {well, in my world they do!} and what a great way to adorn your hallway and Christmas shelves with these pretty little pots of fun – also a great gift idea for grandparents {wink, wink!}.

You will need:
Any jar that seals {i.e.: baby food jars}
Distilled Water
Liquid Glycerin
Figurines or laminated photos
Paint for the jar lids {optional}
‘Good’ glue


one:: Firstly you can pain the jar lids, so they’ll look nice and neat.
two:: Once dry, glue the figurines to the lid. Let them dry completely {overnight preferably}.

three:: Next, fill your jar almost to the top with distilled water. Add a dash of liquid glycerin (this is used to make the glitter fall more slowly). The amount of glitter you add is at your own discretion.

four:: Screw the cap on tightly and shake your jar to get the glitter moving.

And you're done!!

image source
Add any decorations and figurines you like.

image source
alternative: instead of gluing figurines to the lid you can just add laminated photos of the children and add them to the jar!

tutorial and images found here

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