13 January 2012

{downloadable} Paper City Paris!

Hello lovelies, as it is Friday today our crafty make {free downloadable} is directed towards your weekend plans.
Have you got yours already? Doing something special? Travelling somewhere nice?
Well if you haven’t got plans yet here’s a suggestion… go to Paris!

Yes indeed! Get the kids and go over to Made by Joel’s site to print this incredible paper city with many Parisian landmarks, picturesque shop fronts, the stylish Parisians {even the street lamps!} and visit it all driving a Citroen. Amazing isn’t it?!
I promise this will be hours and hours of fun for the children {maybe you too!}, a fantasy escape giving wings to their imagination whilst learning…maybe they’ll be speaking French by the end of it.

Visit Made by Joel’s site here and while you’re there take a look at all the other magnificent and clever ideas Joel has for us.
Happy traveling, and amusez-vous bien!

images from Made by Joel


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