10 February 2012

{Free Printable} DIY Heart Toppers

Hello and Good Morning friends! Can't believe it's Friday already...again!
FREE valentines printable valentines downloadable
Today's Crafty Friday D.I.Y. comes in HEART shape and it's a FREE printable I made just for you.
These little heart cupcake toppers are just too cute to leave out from your Valentines treats....or can even double as the sweet embellishments to your Valentines party's cocktails! 

So here's what you need:

and here's how:

one:: Download and print the template {here}

This template is A5 size which means you can get two on the same sheet of paper {and double the hearts!!} or you can print them as a whole A4 size and have bigger hearts.

two:: Cut the hearts individually out of the template.
three:: Fold in half as it'll be easier to cut, especially if you're using thin paper.
four:: Cut along the shape/colour.
five:: Cut also the inside white shape.

Now you've got all your hearts cut and ready. Prepare small rectangles of double sided tape.

six:: Add the tape to the inside/white part of the hearts. One rectangle on the bottom half of the heart and another on the top half.
seven:: Add your pick or skewer.
eight:: Close and press with your fingers.

...and VOILÁ!!

You can add a bit of sparkle with some glitter...I prefer them as they are since the patterns are already so bright and beautiful.

So, I hope you have fun this weekend topping your cupcakes. Cheerio!


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