21 March 2013

striking truths

Today I would love to share with you the amazing project striking truths by Bernadette Jiwa e Sian Richardson.

Maybe you've seen these incredible manifestos on the web, but if not, then brace yourself for these little rays of sunshine!

These 'modern wisdoms' are a BIG passion of mine - so much so, I have a whole category dedicated to them!
I was also in love with the typography, the combination of the beautiful backgrounds and layout.

Beautiful and powerful, don't you think?

You can visit the website {here}.

image credits :: striking truths


  1. Hi Filipa,

    I'm in your byw course all the way from London!! I absolutely LOVE the positive quotes posted above, not only do they give you strength to go on, they look really beautiful too!! Great work :) xxxxxxx


I really appreciate your thoughts and ideas - thanks for your support!