23 January 2012

{Weekend Wander} My Instagram Photos

photos by me

Hello my friends, hope you weren't thinking I forgot you!? I would never do such a thing!!...so, even though my second post of the day is a little late...it is finally here!

I hope you've had a nice and relaxing weekend. These are some of my Instagram photos from mine.


This weekend I have been mostly gazing at the always welcome rays of English sunshine, bursting through the windows, shining through the blinds. The light and shade combinations have always fascinated me.

I also met with a dear friend and we strolled into our favourite tea & cupcake shop {read more about this wonderous place here} where we surround ourselves by vintage and shabby chic magic.

My last photo {my personal favourite!} not only shows you my brand NEW shoes but it's also about the old and the new: the new shoes and the old sky; the present and the past: where I stand now {right outside my door} and the sky of the town I grew up in; the physical and ethereal: in one of these places is where my mind/body lives, the other, my heart.


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  1. I love your posts and I love this cupcake :)

  2. Lovelly! I love it VERY; VERY much!!


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