03 October 2011

Weekend Wander {Spoonfull of Sugar}

Sometime during the weekend Pepper & Buttons went for a little afternoon natter & tea.

We adventured into a charming little place called ‘Spoonfull of Sugar’ in the village of Uppermill, somewhere in the Lancashire hills of England. As this tiny rustic spot is so popular, it is usually difficult to get a table and so P&B always just stood at the window swooning over the pretty décor from the outside…and never actually managed to get in.
Well, this weekend it was different. We did get a table and plenty of time to delight in all the indoor gorgeousness. It is just like magically changing into an Alice and waking up in a Wonderland of shabby chic décor, a world of fairy lights and Cath Kidston with the most fitting rustic English charm as a backdrop.

They specialise in milkshakes and cupcakes {no less!} and not only these are super delicious they’re also so pretty to look at too! Some are sprinkled with edible glitter as if the assortment of tastes {and accompanying yummy names} wasn’t enough to make us drool!
There’s even little cupcake ‘appetisers’ in the shape of cupcakes in a jar {to eat on the go!!}, take away cupcakes in a box to take home and mini {super cute} cupcakes for the little ones.

This is indeed a very girly hang out, a favourite for a spot of afternoon tea {and a naughty cupcake too!}. A definite for anyone wanting a little glitz and a dose of girly cuteness to recharge them for the week…you never know, you will come out as if you’ve just returned from fairyland and feeling like a princess too {with an dainty extra measure of calories on top!}.x


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