09 February 2012

{A-Z photo a day} D is for Dried

Fourth day of Souvenir Foto School: D is for Dried.

Actually my plans were so that D would be for Dandelion.
Dandelions are the best photography subjects and for my theme {Macro} it would be an absolute dream...I was already counting on endless perfect shots filled with beauty and lightness...but that wasn't to be! On that day it snowed {a lot} and so my plans for a country walk or park stroll dandelion-watching had to be postponed and I had to find an alternative.

I'm not acutally really sure what this nature's fruit actually is, maybe a cone of some sort, a seed...it's part of a pot-pourri and I found it so appealing. The photos are lovely and the colours are just what I was hoping for.

So without dissapointing you too much for not having a dandelion to present, I hope you still like my Dried 'Something' as a fit replacement.


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