10 May 2013

printable: 21 questions to ask your kids {updated version}

You know the original '21 questions to ask your kids' which I posted back in October 2011? - if you have missed it, check it out {here}! 

Well, that was a long time ago and I felt it all needed a little pepper+buttons magic, a new fresh face and design.

This is the most useful, entertaining and inspirational printable you will get this Mother's Day!

Originally written as a facebook meme, you were supposed to write the answers back on your timeline/mural. You can share it here in the comments, if you wish, but most importantly 'do it'...you will learn so much!

{note: for male parents just replace the word Mummy with Daddy!}

click image for enlarged view
The purpose, as you may guess, is to ask the questions to your little kiddos and write down the answers.

Trust me, you have no idea of what they're going to say, and most importantly you will know, for the very first time, your real image in the words of your children.

It is going to be very entertaining and fun, definitely funny too...but beware also, of the answers that will strike you like a bullet - an eye opener for sure.

Print it and question away. Write down the answers and, maybe, next year do it all again!

(This year I have also made a version in my native Portuguese language, which follows:)
Este ano, temos tambem a versao em Portugues.

clique na imagem para tamanho maior
Para perguntar e partilhar.

Anote as respostas e volte a repeti-las nos anos seguintes!
Divirta-se, que vai ser bastante divertido, interessante e talvez ate' emocionante - nunca sabera' que respostas vao sair, e muitas irao surpreende-la...prometo!

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  1. HI there, Great questions! I have just published a blog post with my daughters answers - you can see them here: http://teacherbytrade-motherbynature.blogspot.co.nz/2015/02/21-questions-to-ask-your-kids.html

    with links back to this post and your blog. Thanks for Sharing :)


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