31 August 2012

September 2012 desktop calendar

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Here it is the FREE September 2012 desktop calendar.

I know September comes to remind us of the end of summer {in the Northern Hemisphere}; the start of a new school year, and mainly the welcome of cooler days and warmer colours. Still, I went for a festive and colourful theme.

As I wanted to have a 'back to school' reference - hence the fonts and numerals - and yet celebrating a welcome to early autumn with the spirit of the circus/carnival! I also always enjoy using the products I immerse myself with on a daily basis for Pepper & Buttons - the beautiful papers and embellishments.

September has always been a month of fun and joy for me. As a child and living in Portugal it is undoubtedly the best time to visit the beach, you avoid the crowds and the temperature is not too hot, nor too chilled - it's just right!

It is also the time where I always had to celebrate innumerable birthdays. You know how you find yourself with a long list of 'very important people' in your life who happen to share the same birth month?! I believe everyone has one of those, a particular month which is birthday chaos month.

Yep, the month where every weekend you have a party, and even every day of one particular week you may have to send your 'happy birthday' wishes and buy a gift. Well, September happens to be that month for me. From dear and complicit friends, to family and even the most important piece of your heart - your beau.

For those who believe in the stars they'll probablyknow an explanation and reason to be of this most common phenomenon, for all the rest of us - maybe it's just luck. We're lucky to be surrounded by amazing people who have so much in common - our love, care and attention.

So, my friends, I hope you like the calendar and can celebrate with me... during the whole month, a very happy, colourful and prosperous start to the autumn which is approaching.

To get your FREE September 2012 calendar you only need to right-click on the image and save it as your desktop background or view the link for an enlarged image {here} and save it that way.

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credits:: papers and embellishments from October Afternoon.


  1. I love this and have featured it over on my blog :)

  2. Uauah amazing =)) keep the good work!



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