06 October 2011

21 Questions to ask your kids

{this post has been re-written and updated, so please check it out HERE, for a brand new printable design of the '21 questions to ask your kids'}

This is a facebook meme but I couldn't help writing it down and sharing it with you here. You're supposed to write the questions followed by the answers on your facebook wall - unfortunately for me my youngest is a master of {weird and wonderful} languages and I haven't yet mastered he's current one; my eldest, well...he would just be too honest and realistic! 

for male parents please just replace the word 'Mummy' with 'Daddy'

Print the list and ask away...I think it'll be such a fun interview and it will surely be intriguing and surprising not to say funny too!
And wouldn't it be sweet to write it down or record it somehow and repeat the questions every year?x


  1. Hei-de tentar!!Será que quero ouvir as respostas?!

  2. É bom ouvir as respostas...eu fiz e fiquei impressionada, certas coisas q eles reparam q fazem sentires-te q afinal até fazes um bom trabalho como mae!! :)

  3. I Love this! I might just have to make it a Mother's Day tradition! Thanks for the inspiration! I'm featuring this idea on my blog sometime in April. :) little-inspirations.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you Brittany! So glad you like it...try it, it's going to be very fun and surprising too!


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