08 March 2013

wonder woman free printable

international women's day dia internacional da mulher free printable greeting card

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Today is International Woman's Day and to celebrate it in style I am sharing with you this FREE printable - dedicated to all of you super women who are in 'disguise' all year round.

You can just download it / print it and keep it for yourself as a reminder of the extra especial human being you are...or maybe even offer it to the great woman next to you!

We are celebrating all the strong women; all those who struggle with a disease; those who give their 'all' in their personal lives and professionally; those who don't cry in front of their children, who have to pick up themselves to stand and keep going.

To the women who have ever lost their job, searched for and found a new one; those with more than one job; those who are single mums; to the working mums, all those who juggle work and home and family; those who have the weight of the world on their shoulders.

Those who are hard on themselves, the ones who are envied and the ones who aren't; those who go through the most challenging situations, who have faced divorce or take care of a special someone...and still celebrate life and love...every single day!

To those who are beautiful, strong, smart, busy, funny, loved.
The real life wonder women who have no bullet-proof wrist cuffs nor golden lassos {or a cool crown}.
The hardworking, tough and always striving to be perfect {I tell you, you are all that!}

Those super humans who are truly inspiring to others.

Wonder Woman has got nothing on you!!

Enjoy your day.


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