26 October 2011

{Decor} 10 ways to make a Garland

I've found this amazing collection of garlands {with tutorials} and thought I couldn't go by without sharing it with you. They're so great and fun to decorate for a party or just to add a 'little something' to your Autumn/Winter home decor. They are all photographed and arranged by Elsie at 'A Beautiful Mess' blog, so thank you Elsie!

For full details and tutorials on all 10 garlands please follow the link here, including a tutorial on 'How to make a yarn pom-pom' and another 'How to make a paper pom-pom'.
Have fun!! 

Image source and full tutorials here


  1. ooooh pretty! i think i might give this a go but will have to keep the finished work out of the reach of my kittens.

  2. hahaha tara, definitely keep-away-from-kittens kind of diy!


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