30 March 2015

this is for me

This is for me

This is for the breaths I have yet to take,
for the memories I have yet to unfold,
for dreams I have yet to discover.

This for the struggles I faced in the past,
to which I will part ways with comradeship,
for they gave bruises to my knees and made me realise
that falling down does not mean it's the end.

This is for my passions and strength,
seemingly lost beneath the shadows of myself.

This is for the sunshine in my laughter,
the constellations in my eyes,
the flowers beneath my skin,
and the moon in my heart.

This is for me,
This is for who I was,
This is for who I can be,
This is for who I've become,
This is for who I want to be,
not who you want me to be.

:: text :: unknown source, by n.j.
:: image source :: photo by jeroenmylle on flickr


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