12 January 2016

never forget :: david bowie

Letter to Ziggy

Earlier this week I was saddened with the news of your departure.
Myself and many thousands of others whom, like me, were enlightened with your genius.

Only two days earlier I was celebrating your birthday, as I do every year - the day the Universe decided to grant us with the its most amazing, most 'extraordinary, alien, otherworldly creature' - I have always been so proud you were a 'strange' Capri like me!
All in all, aside from the sadness of knowing that this world (and mine) has lost one of its Greatest, and consequently, it is now a more empty and shallow place... I am grateful.

Grateful to have 'known' you, recognised you, idolised you (even had a crush on you in my younger years). Grateful to respect you as a human being, for your intellectual depth, and the great innovator you were.
Grateful to have listened to all your albums and picked my favourites - some will be with me forever, as part of my very own personal soundtrack - to have listened to those very loudly, to have danced like nobody was watching, and to have sang your eclectic strangely arranged lyrics in my head days on end, whenever the time (and my sub-conscience) decided to remind me they were there, out of the blue.

I am grateful.
Grateful that I could honoured you rightly, as you deserve, still in life.
I gave you a place in me and my story.

Thank you Ziggy, you will always be a part of me.

ps.- As I'm writing this, your distinctive voice is sweetly invading my most favourite and most attended of all dance floors... my kitchen!

"I don't know where I'm going from here
but I promise
it won't be boring"
- David Bowie

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