18 October 2013

1000 cranes for 1000 strangers : random acts of love

Need a little inspiration?
Maybe, a little something to lighten your day...random acts of kindness, random acts of love.

Beautiful to watch and a great idea to make.

Watch the video by Magical Daydream blog, and follow the link for the whole explanation behind the idea.
I hope you like it...I hope it gets a little smile on your face.

Have a great Friday!

"My paper cranes might mean nothing to some. I don’t expect everyone to understand and appreciate my gift to him or her. But if I just touched the lives of a few, of just one, if I just made someone's day a little bit better, my mission was successful."

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  1. Thank you for featuring me! I hope to inspire many others with this project, thanks for helping in that!


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