18 October 2011

Gifts for Him {Autumn Birthday - part 2}

1. Cursor Wall Lamp by MaddaDesign / 2. Vintage Letterpress Words by Handmande by Alison / 3. Vintage Auto photo by Lucy Snowe Photography / 4. House Plate  by Lenny Mud / 5. Concrete Mini City by Raine Design / 6. London Map Cushion by My Bearded Pigeon / 7. Arrow Hotel Sign by In The Write Hands / 8. Notable Haircuts in Music by Popchartlab / 9. Salvaged Auto Metal Sign by Joevintage / 10. Bicycle photo by Lobography

1. Map Flask by Whimsyandink / 2. Handwritten Greeting Card by Sparrownestscript / 3. Hand printed Rocks Glasses by Vital / 4. Vintage Seltzer Bottle by Lucky Little Dot / 5. Balancing Bottle Holder by Stylo Design /
6. Whiskey Rocks by Polar Stones   

1. Handmade Leather Journal by Pease Blossom Studio / 2. USB Memory Stick in Exotic Wood by Woodventure /
3. iRetrophone by Freeland Studios / 4. Twigg Pencils by Inkandpapersupplies / 5. Map Notebooks by Saratops /
6. Felt Macbook Cover by SleeWay

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  1. Love your blog! great style..thanks for sharing !!!
    lucy snowe

  2. What a fantastic collection! Thank you so much for including our flask :D

    *high five*

  3. Great blog! Thank you for including my bamboo wine bottle holder among your excellent selection of unique objects. Cheers,
    Randy Hornman
    Stylo Design

  4. Your blog is great and stylish!
    Thanks for adding my briefcase for MacBook!


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