25 October 2011

Life in a film {Amélie}

Last night I was privileged enough to see Yann Tiersen in concert. Yann’s new album ‘Skyline’ just came out last week and is far from the melodies and sweet nothings he whispers in his adorable and most famous soundtracks {Amelie & Good Bye Lenin!} but it was still such an enjoyable evening as he is, without a doubt, a master of sounds and instruments – a true example of ‘ear’ candy!

Anyway, it all has brought back my love for ‘Amélie’ - one of my favorite films of all time {I’m sure you have watched it but if not…please don’t miss your chance!}. This is a film that has everything I adore, the colours and photography, editing, the actors, the storyline {it’s about me, really, it is!}, the soundtrack and….yes, it is also in French! {swoon}
Yes I really adore it, and can you blame me? I actually feel in ‘love’ once the music starts playing and/or the film starts rolling!
Here are a few stills from the film and while you admire those have a listen to one of the tracks from Yann…the perfect setting, don’t you think?

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