18 November 2011

Holiday Décor Idea {Bottle Lighting}

image by country loving

This is definitely this year’s MUST in Holiday Decor!
Because it is the season for giving and forgiving you can always overdo in your love of glitter and twinkly lights...it’ll all be forgiven, well that’s what I’m counting on, anyway! One of my favourite things about Christmas is the lights, no! not the ones outside the house - those I hardly get to see - it’s the indoor ones I love and love to indulge on. And if the lights are found inside glistening recycled glass even better. It’s not only a very clever idea, but also effective and beautiful...and free since you will already have the lights and the empty bottles!

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So here are some examples of this 2011 trend. If you would like to make these bright lights to use in your own home see the full tutorial here.

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