15 November 2011

The Kindness of Strangers

What a lovely surprise when I opened my post and there it was: a gift! And gifts arriving by post, in my opinion, are the best surprises! 

This sweet package was sent from my blogger comadre Sydney who writes a very fun and witty blog full of Californian sunshine called Syd the Wyd {makes me laugh every time – set off to great music too!}. The envelope was filled with embroidery patterns and a quarter of the most vibrant and beautiful fabric. Well it really is times like these that I wished I could sew or knit and presenting myself upon such kindness {and the motive} I surely could take the time to learn...it was now the time!

Although upon investigation and after a few minutes adoring and admiring my gifts I actually started to have ideas on how to use them in a medium I'm actually used to - paper! And so it shall be. Let's get over the Holiday season and the worst of winter and this will definitely be a gift well employed into a New Year's little project...can't wait!

By the way, just in case you were wondering, the white crocheted linen cloth used in the photos was lovingly made by my dear Grandmother who was 82 yesterday. Parabéns Avó!


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