01 February 2012

{Instagram} January: Photo a Day Challenge

You must know by now that I’m a HUGE Instagram aficionada!
Also, I always have been fascinated by the ‘365 photos’ and ‘photo-a-day’ challenges that go around {and you hear about}. Therefore this year I’ve decided to participate in one of those challenges.

At first I found it hard to start as I just didn’t have time to set a ‘theme’ or guidelines to follow, lack of which would inevitably lead to being sidetracked by responsibilities and priorities.
Although I did find ‘a’ challenge hosted over at Fat Mum Slim’s blog where the guidelines were already done for me.
{and another great thing about it was that ALL other mum bloggers would be doing it too!}

And here they are, in their respective day number.
Well, I only started on the 10th of January, so please excuse my nine absent photos from the beginning of the year, although I think I made up for it with persistence and determination {giggles!}
I will post all future ones in 2-week intervals.
Don’t you think it’s just such a great way to look back on the month and spot tiny little moments that would have been otherwise missed and/or forgotten?
…ohh! How I do heart photographs!


  1. Optima ideia!! e as fotos estão lindas!

  2. After seeing you and others do this I totally want to do it next year!


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