15 February 2012

{A-Z photo a day} E is for Eye

Fifth Day at Souvenir Foto School: E is for Eye

I knew I wanted to photograph an eye for the letter 'E' but just didn't realise how challenging it would actually be. My friend Penelope visited the evening before and she would make my absolute perfect subject as her eyes are big and bluey/greeny - but us being us we just end up talking too much and forgetting the rest - so Pen left and I was still without an eye!

So the next morning there was no escape... I had to photograph my own.
All my photos for this exercise are taken on my iphone3 which hasn't got the best of cameras but I had to make due. Also, you can imagine the arm/shoulder acrobatics and immense number of tries before actually getting a decent shot.

After only a few shots I realised that the human eye {or any other eye for that matter} isn't particularly aesthetically pleasing under a macro lens and so I decided to pick a photo which would be a little unfocused and added a soft peach hue filter to make it more ethereal {perhaps!} or at least just a little 'viewable'.

Well, as they say 'the eyes are the window to the soul' - I just hope my soul stays intact after opening its windows this little bit.

You can view all my photos for this collection on my flickr set page here.

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  1. I love the photos and I think your soul stays intact :)


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