23 February 2012

{A-Z photo a day} H is for Hair

Day 8 of Souvenir Foto School :: H is for Hair

I must admit, a little {or a lot} of contortionist skills are required if you ever attempt to photograph your own head - especially from a backward angle...and with a phone. But I had no other choice as once again no other subject/items starting with an H was at hand or smart enough to enter my vocabulary that day.

As human hair maybe be a difficult subject to approach through a lens, a macro lens has made it a softer subject, with motion, almost nature-like: branches in the wind or some other ethereal and light fancy.

One of the very few self-portraits I actually like...so, Hurray! for day 8!

You can see all my phots for this challenge on my Flickr set here or, if you're on instagram you can follow me: filipal.

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