06 February 2012

{A-Z photo a day} A is for Apple

I am currently and throughout the whole month of February attending the Besotted Brand's Souvenir Photo School {see more details here}.

The project is based on completing a daily A-Z of a chosen theme.

The first day of foto school arrives and I was struggling immensely to 'think' of a theme - since I normally work best with parameters and a vague theme is just a very vast field where my creativity would run wild!.
And as I was precisely pondering on that matter, a package came through the letter box - it was a little tiny contraption called a MACRO/Wide Angle Lens which I'd ordered from the USA a couple of weeks previous {and totally forgot about it!}.

And so, the decision was made... my theme was going to be MACRO.
It'll be interesting at first since I'm fascinated with this new 'view' on the world, although my fear is that eventually, and as the Alphabet keeps carrying on, it'll be quite predictable and bound to a certain perspective and  hand full of angles. It is indeed a restricted theme...but I'll soldier on.

 Besides the worst that could happen is that at the end of the month I'll have a brand new collection of photos like no others I've taken before!

So I thought it would be a great opportunity to share them here with you, as you might like to take a peek at them.

And here is the first installment of my Alphabet:

A is for Apple.

Here are three more which I also took, even though these weren't my first choice I still love them all the same.

If you would like to see more of my photos for this course you can visit my flickr album here.


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