06 March 2012

{instagram photos} Far Away People

You may have seen some of my Lisbon photographs yesterday on the blog {if not please check them here}.

Well, one of them {above} made it to the Instagram's Weekly Hashtag Project roundup!!
{Check the link here to see all the other featured photos.}

You may know that only recently I've become a little of an 'Instagram-head' so the news of being featured was...well, a jubilation!!

So with my new-found photographic confidence, I'm very pleased to share with you some of the other photos that I've submitted to the 'Far Away People' weekend project.

Hope you like them!

If you're on Instagram please come say hi! at: filipal


  1. awesome pictures!! very inspiring, i love the one of the mans silhouette playing the instrument!! these are wonderful, i'm really enjoying your blog!! :)

  2. That's my city, that's my country :)
    Thank's for the mention, I'm so proud!


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