27 April 2012

Lomography Diana F+ Giveaway

courtesy of our lovely friends at

You must know by now how much I love photography, as I don’t shy away from an opportunity to show off my Instagram photos or talk about my old analogue cameras (or lack of a DSLR).
So when our lovely friends at Lomography UK got in touch with a camera to offer to you, one of our readers, well….I had to jump a little, sing a little and smile a LOT (and, of course, couldn’t say no, could I?!)
For accepting this great giveaway prize I was also offered the same camera to play with (talk about good karma!). And it has been a sweet sweet dream! In fact I have asked Santa Claus last December for one and he, the so-and-so, didn’t comply (even though I refuse to accept I was on the ‘bad’ list).
I haven’t developed my first film yet but as soon as I do, of course, I’ll be sharing them with you.

me and my mr pink

Obviously I don’t yet know how good or bad my photos will be but, the fact that this camera is SO gorgeous (and hot pink!) made me feel like a cool hipster chick for the day, carrying the latest and most exclusive fashion statement….hmm, should I have kept that thought to myself?!

Analogue is definitely back. You have a limited amount of frames to use, which serves as an incentive for quality as you’ll have to choose where you will ‘spend’ your frame.
And then, there’s the ‘not knowing’! The ‘wandering’ what will come out and hoping that at least ONE will be a good one!
Lastly, the excitement of getting your photos from the shop! Oh yes, I miss those days: where it wasn’t a mundane task, it as an EVENT!! Observing the images one by one, paying attention to all the details with such an excitement only compared to opening a surprise present or discovering a mysterious treasure {oooooh!}

Hence, for the best goodbye to April and welcome to the new month of May here are the rules of this giveaway:

● Leave a comment on this post – make sure to include your email address
These are not obligatory but each will count as an extra entry.
● Like our facebook page and share the giveaway post on your wall, make sure to add/mention the tag ‘@pepper & buttons’ and it is set to public so we can see it
● Blog about this giveaway adding all our respective blog and facebook page links.
In entering this competition you are accepting these terms and conditions. In providing your email address you agree that Lomography UK may send you promotional emails, however they will not share your details with anyone else and you are free to unsubscribe at any time.
The first step for entry is compulsory; those after are optional but require the compulsory first step to be completed first. You must leave a separate comment for each step. Email entries and those not complying to these guidelines will not be considered valid entries.
This giveaway will run from Friday 27 April 2012 – 21:30 (GMT) until Friday 11th May 2012 - 24:00(GMT). The draw will be run shortly afterwards using a computerised random selector and the winner will be announced at a later date, both on our blog and facebook page.

 So even if you don’t win, take a look at Lomography UK’swebsite for a handful of beautiful goodies and great deals including the DianaF+ Mr Pink bundles.

And, to all our readers, you can join the Lomography community {here} and you will automatically get 10 Piggy Points (£10) which you can spend on anything in the online store!
Great isn’t it?!
So get your entry into the prize, register for a £10 discount and…



  1. Hi I didn't know your blog!! It's WONDERFUL :-D
    I'd be so happy this pink camera in my hands ♥


  2. megan.wolf@gmail.comFriday, 27 April, 2012

    Cool! I saw your promo on Instagram and I'm excited about having the Lomography shop in Manchester now - starting to shoot some film again on the side and I'd love to have one of these adorable Dianas to play with. Looking forward to seeing your shots!

  3. Hi Pippa! Thanks for the opportunity...I would love to win this for my daughter! Now off to explore your fabulous blog!
    Tracy x

  4. My email is samooontha@gmail.com
    You are so inspiring! You make me want to just start taking pictures at every chance! I really would like to upgrade my camera quality to become more popular and get my name known. & I won't give up (: I sure do hope I win because this would help me greatly. And congrats with you achievements In life & you deserve the best. Keep up your amazing work! (:

  5. Well... analogue never really "left". Not in photography (someone, please, tell that to Kodak) and not in recorded music, either (my good old vinyls still 'hiss' across the air, every now and then).

    In fact, some of the best images in the world are still produced on film. Even some of my best images were produced on film (go figure...).

    Yes. I have wound up quite a few reels of Kodak Tri-X and Ilford HP4, by hand, in a pitch black bathroom, back in the days when the word “digital” stood for a couple of red luminous numbers on a questionable taste wrist watch. I have had a fair share of dodging and burning,... of swinging trays. Back then, I was spending so much time in the house bathroom that I can still feel the scent of the developer, the stopping bath (sometimes replaced with vinegar) and the hypo(sulfite of soda). That, and the sound of people banging on the door and shouting at me to free the bathroom.

    And I loved every minute of it. But I can't really say that I miss it. Well... maybe just a little bit. Just the “romantic” part of it.

    Of course, I would do it again today, given the space and the time to do it. But the truth is that I can do, today, pretty much, the same things that I did back then, sitting at my computer.

    It's true that I don't wind the film or sway the trays anymore, but I still dodge and burn. I still take a lot of shots, most of which I discard or “throw away”, the same way I did before. The fact that it costs me less today than it did in those days, is just a bonus that I, gladly, accept.

    In photography, I owe everything to analogue.

    If nothing else, digital had the virtue of making photography available to everyone. And that's a good thing.

    As with a lot of other things, I am not a fundamentalist when it comes to choose sides. Both, analogue and digital, have their place in my pictures.

    Most of all, I love photography.


    “There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.” - Ansel Adams

  6. joana.travanca@gmail.com
    Oh my God!! Oh my God!! Oh my God!! I really really really want this camera!!! This is great!! Good luck to everyone and keep up the good photos!! =)


  8. This camera looks amazing! I would love to win this camera because i am just starting photography and i am starting to learn about different cameras! I hope i win! c_phoydouangdy@yahoo.com

  9. Arghh what an amazing giveaway!! Always wanted a lomography cam! Got my fingers crossed!

  10. Wow :)))) Dear Diana flies to me, and you´ll see , how happy I will be :)))))
    Thanks for the opportunity Pippa ****hugs ****

  11. filipa.carvalho.ferreira@gmail.com

    I loooooooove lomo!!! =)
    This camera is awesome!!! And as if it wasn´t cool enough it is also hot pink!!!
    I'd be the "IT" girl in Portugal!!!

  12. Ah, how ace! I used to have a Pink Lomo Colorsplash camera but it is now, sadly, deceased. Would love the opportunity to win this little lady hello@thingsisawandliked.co.uk Thanking you

  13. Wow! Awsome opportuntiy!

    Looks beautiful <3


  14. Hi Pippa, l am new follower of your blog and l love it!
    And guess what!!! This is my 1st time to enter a blog giveaway! l am so excited and hopefully l am lucky enough to be able to win the CAMERA!!!
    Keep on the great job!!! xoxo


  15. I love this camera! Just geting I to photography so this would be perfect! Hope it's me!

  16. How lovely it would be
    to view life thru lomography.


  17. Wowzer!
    This camera looks amazing and would be the perfect thing for me and my lovely new page Blossom's I am sure i could take amazing pictures of all my lovely handmade products with this.
    Whoever wins this will be a very lucky so and so! I just hope that it is me :)


  18. Lovely!! Been stuck in digital too long?the best things come to those who wait!!:-)maidinmylor@yahoo.co.uk

  19. I love this camera!

  20. I love this camera and I love your blog as you know!!♥


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  23. A Pink DianaF! How cuteeeeeeee I just want to eat it!!!
    Have always wanted one of these.
    Good Luck to everyone.



  24. Wow, it is so incredibly PINK!
    I've never had a pink camera, but i still do have my analogue Canon - and still love it a lot!


  25. well, my last day of school is three days away, and then i'll be travelling to aberdeen in autumn to study law in the silver city!
    with this gorgeous camera, i would hope to capture beautiful memories of a new chapter of my life <3


  26. WOW!! This camera is simply stunning! I love love love it! I'm keeping every part of me crossed that can cross in hopes of winning!

  27. Oh wow! What a hot pink giveaway!! It's a beautiful camera and like you, I miss going to the shop for my pictures!
    I'd love to win this gorgeous comp.
    Thank you :))

    I hope this works as I had to comment as anonymous!!

  28. Oh my goodness meesies. What I would do with a pretty pink camera. I would snap snap snap and ping ping ping and do a little dance and twirl about. Kapow! Keeping fingers and toes crossed and all other crossables. Clickety click! Poppy x

  29. Oopsie, my email address is poppyloves1@gmail.com xx

  30. hi Pippa what an amazing prize!! your blog and facebook page are a joy to both read and snoop around!!
    like you i asked the birthday pixie to bring me the camera but in blue,yellow and pink but i dont think i was a good girl!! :D

    my email is nstewart2010@hotmail.co.uk

    fingers toes and eyes crossed

    nikki x

  31. I would absolutely love to win this, especially as it it BRIGHT pink - amazing! x
    my email is: therobyndiaries@gmail.com


  32. Fantastic giveaway!! I will share it!

  33. Filipa - first things first - it's pink. This is always a winner! And I love the way that retro is the new current way of thinking. I do indeed remember getting my photos developed, they were NEVER perfect, but that's what gives them character right?! Email is emmaATemmasfabricstudio.co.uk

  34. I would love to have this camera.
    Your blog is fantastic.

  35. My share on Facebook is on https://www.facebook.com/HelenaGRibeiro

  36. I love lomography! That camera looks amazing :D


  37. And my second entry: http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=301117269967870&id=1284082452

  38. Great camera! I would love to have it!


  39. nunombigsmile@hotmail.com

    Quero essa pink máquina
    para oferecer à minha namorada
    faz-me esse favor amiga
    senão ela dá-me palmada :)

  40. emilia.piscalho@hotmail.com

    È captar, esquadrar um instante,
    Em atento olhar de luminosidade,
    È o momento certo para o flagrante,
    E a minha filha encher de felicidade

  41. Hei-de gastá-la com olhos que pensava que não tinha,
    Hei-de cheirá-la com sentido que na alma se aninha,
    Hei-de fotografias tirar quando ela for minha,
    sim, essa máquina DIANA.... fofinha :))))


  42. joana.carreira@scms.pt

    Com a máquina cor-de-rosa quero ficar
    não para mim, mas para entregar
    a uma amiga que fotos sabe tirar
    e tudo isto para a agradar

  43. csjr1984@gmail.com

    quero mesmo
    quero mesmo muito
    quero mesmo muito a
    quero mesmo muito a diana
    quero mesmo muito a diana cor-de-rosa

    porque a minha é horrorosa :))))


  44. bonjour, as a lover of analog photography, how could I resist this wonderful offer ! thank you so much for this giveaway :)

  45. Wow what a STUNNING camera! I'm not normally a pink fan, but this looks so classy how could you not love it?! Imagine snapping away in the summer at the beach - it would turn heads! Love it! farmyardmoo@yahoo.co.uk

  46. Amazing!
    Congrats for your lovely blog!

  47. Love this Gveaway :)! e_b77@hotmail.com

  48. I would absolutely love to win this! Keeping my fingers & toes & everything else crossed!

    Name: Leigh Travers
    Email: leighttravers@gmail.com


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  50. absolutely stunning!! already a 'liker' of your fb page

    xx Gemsicle xx


  51. Vanessa StelfoxFriday, 04 May, 2012

    I need this camera in my life :-), who wouldnt lol , just imagine the photos i could take with this beauty........

  52. This gorgeous little beauty in my fave colour can only inspire me to dive into a hobby i have always wanted to start - photography!
    I can see the pictures it will take of my 3 little kiddos.
    fingers crossed!


  53. AMAZING! Enter me, please:)


  54. Hi everyone!
    My name is Sandra Gadea, and I´m from Lima-Peru, anyway I decided to participate.
    I have to admit that I love to take pictures, when I was a child I remember always borrowing my father´s cam without him notice it, and took it with me for city or museum excursions that my school already planned. I was just only 6 or 7 years old but I tried really hard to get some pictures, and that´s when I started to love pictures, specially taking them at any reason till now.
    I´ve been looking for some photography classes but unfortunately I couldn't because I´ve been travelling or working and studying foreign languages (wich is my other passion) at the same time, so I hope some day I´ll join one, and of course I need a really good cam first!
    I became this blog´s fan last year, and by the first time I saw it I loved it...till now! I love kids, even though I don´t have any yet, this blog is fantastic because I could get many ideas for different subjects. That´s why I also already recommend it to my friends and relatives here in Peru :D
    I promise that if I win, I´m going to take many pictures from my hometown and post them here, so you also could take a look of how great works this cam hehe
    Well I have to go to my Italian classes so Ci scriviamo!
    Have a great weekend!

  55. oo wicked giveaway! definitely entering :)



  56. liked your FB page :)



  57. This is one gorgeous camera!

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  59. Such a lovely giveaway! xx

  60. MelissascakesandgiftsSaturday, 05 May, 2012

    Great camera and fantastic blog. You got me excited about the good old fashioned camera and being in the dark room and developing my images patiently waiting to see how it would turn out! Oooh fingers crossed x. Melissascakesandgifts@live.co.uk

  61. been lusting after a diana F+ for so long!


  62. Best giveaway -charli_is_a_star@hotmail.com

  63. Fab giveaway thank you. I follow with GFC - Victoria


  64. Josephine MarieSaturday, 05 May, 2012

    Uhh, been lusting after one of these for an eternity!

  65. i would LOVE TO WIN THIS please! fingers crossed :) Emma x

  66. Wow, this is one of the most beautiful cameras I've ever seen! I'm an amature photographer and this would be a dream come true to have a film camera-especially this one! Anywho, my email address is marykatemattox@yahoo.com
    Absolutely wonderful giveaway! So happy I wondered upon you're blog (:

    Mary Mattox

  67. Fab! Kathryn Jones x

  68. Oh god, this would make me the happiest girl ever!


    Rosie x

  69. I really love the lomography camera, and yet it's pink, my favorite color. I really hope to win it :)

    My email : kforkinssy@yahoo.com

  70. i shared on fb : http://www.facebook.com/Pepper.and.buttons#!/profile.php?id=1594913160

  71. photography is just so amazing! esp using these kinds of camera because they can make a whole different kind of story. i really want to be able to record my life using this!


  72. Minha madrinha ;)


    desculpa o meu atraso***

  73. Quite simply - I need this camera in my life :-) kate.raclawski@hotmail.co.uk

  74. Bit late but enter me please chloe-platt@hotmail.co.uk xx


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