09 April 2012

{my instagram photos} Moody Manchester

Here are some photos I have recently taken of my {adopted} hometown of Manchester.

I have hundreds of photos of this city I love, so I went with a mission to capture 'timeless' images, avoiding the usual tourist attractions and images I have taken over-and-over a million times before.

So opening my eyes to something new, peculiarities, new perspectives and even...maybe, new corners and details that may have been unnoticed!

Here are some of them, mainly b&w and monotone photos I thought would be nice to share with you.

You can see all of my Manchester photos in this collection on my flickr album here
or you can even take a peak at my instagram account: filipal.

What about you, do you often find some 'hidden' treasures in your own town?

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  1. Oooh thank you for sharing Manchester. Love your photos, much more interesting than the usual 'touristy' type pics. I've only visited once, when you hosted the Commonwealth Games and would love to visit again, lots of inspiring nooks and crannies. I live pretty near to London and love to find more interesting photos to take there, although I can't help myself when I see St Pauls or the Eye! Enjoy your day : )


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