01 July 2012

July 2012 Desktop Calendar

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Half of 2012 has already gone...can you believe it?!

It has definitely been a year {so far!} full of surprises, challenges and change.
One of the most dynamic years ever in the Pepper household.
When paths have suddenly changed their direction, when certain priorities ceased to exist giving way to re-newed connections and a world of new possibilities to arise.
Let's hope the next half is as interesting - I bet it will be!

And...here is the new FREE July 2012 Desktop Calendar from me to you, my lovelies.

It is {again} very different from all the previous ones but I hope you like it...it tastes like Summer, don't you think?

You only need to right-click and set it as your background.
Follow the link {here} to open an enlarged image.

So here's a BIG cheer to the new month of July...hoping it'll bring us sunshine, hapiness and all the sweetness of Summer!


  1. Great calendar! Featured on my blog for my July calendar round-up :)


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