03 July 2012

Vintage & New :: Yellow & Blue

Inspiration for a boy's room : aircraft theme

Since blue is my favourite of all colours I couldn't resist this - the most perfect of all blues for a kid's room walls.
I have had this same colour in one of my children's bedroom and have so fallen in love with it, I carry the colour with me since and apply it whenever and wherever I can, on a new house or a re-design project.

My ideal of perfection in interiors is the perfect marriage of old and new - don't get me mistaken, when it's done wrong it really goes wrong...but when it's right...oh it's bliss in decor heaven!

This room is a great example of perfection, of that blissful marriage in action: the bright colours, the furniture and vintage pieces and in particular the industrial wire lockers.
{I have been chasing lockers just like these for my son's room...eventually I will find them, I'm sure.}

Did you like it? Got some inspiration?

Image credits: via handmade charlotte


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