09 July 2012

{Weekend Wonder} Igreja da Graca :: Santarem, Portugal

In the Portuguese city of Santarem {the capital of Gothic}, in the heart of the Ribatejo region, there is a 'hidden' gem of a church Igreja da Graca - which translates to English as the church of Grace.

These are just a few of the photos I took upon my last visit.

I don't want to come across in a 'religious' manner of any sort, or by such impose any sort of views and approches of that matter - I only hope you appreciate the photos as they are, of an architectural wonder, a Gothic relic in the city I was born and one of the best examples in Portugal.

Even though it is one of the landmarks of this truly picturesque city, it isn't particularly situated in a 'turist' spot...you can see by the above photo what I mean by that!

A true hidden gem is normally the best, is it not?

In this temple also lies the tomb of Pedro Alvares Cabral, the navigator who travelled the Atlantic Ocean and 'discovered' Brazil to the world.

But this....ah this is my favourite part - the heart of glass!

So beautiful and fragile and yet in the right place.
The window of light and warmth of the outside world which is brought inside in heart-shape...just magical.

A little Gothic romance to make our own hearts melt!

photo credits: my own
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