31 October 2013

november 2013 free desktop calendar

Here they are, the new free desktop calendars for the new month of November.

I know the weather here is starting to get chilly, the warm woolly clothes have come out of the closet and the duvet covers are set on top of the bed...but for some of you, my friends in other hemispheres, you are just starting to get into your warmest season!

For that reason I couldn't design a November calendar with a bleak theme {as some would expect}, since it is the bleakness all I feel to portrait. Oh no! this time, as it has become customary, I have designed TWO very different calendars on a rather more cheerful note...to welcome winter {or summer!} in great spirits.

So, I hope you like them, and get picking your favourite!

november 2013 desktop calendar 1 {rainy days}

november 2013 desktop calendar 2 {falling leaves}

You only need to pick your favourite, click the image for its original {larger} version and set it up as your new laptop or computer background.

Don't forget to leave your comment.

Have a great month of November!!

Pippa, xoxo


  1. Hi Filipa,

    these desktop wallpapers are so stunningl, I would love to use them for the monthly collection of the most beautiful desktop wallpapers I do on my blog if you're ok with it.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Hi Johanna! Thank you so much and of course, it would be a great pleasure!!

  2. Stopping by from Pinterest.. Your calendars are so cute, I love the chevron! :)


  3. they're both so cute... thx for making them :)

  4. Googled calendars again this month (I did it for October) and wound up falling in love with your's again!! Thanks!!! You're awesome.

  5. I used your falling leaves background! its perfect, so thank you! :)


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