21 August 2012

Comforts of Home

One of the best things  (I should actually say: the only good thing) about the end of your holiday is returning HOME!

Oh we are indeed creatures of habit, creatures of comfort, and there's no better place than our little corner of the world, our little world in itself.

{I have never shown my home on my blog before so this is simultaneously a novelty, exciting and even a little scary too!}

If you are anything like me than you'll understand. My home is my everything - my safety, my happiness, my isolation, my protection, my place of inspiration, where I dream, where I make all the things I most love, where I keep all the things I most love.

As an emotional and visual being my home reflects that, who I am - or it should, anyway...

Most often you have given a piece of your heart and your soul to the items in your home. That comfy cushion, the beautiful material in a curtain, the textures and colourful adornments, they all add up.
They all represent who you are, what you have been and will become. Your photos, your memories, your travels, the people you have met, those you adore, it all adds up...as a whole to build the soul of your home - It is, after all {and if you're really really lucky}, where you also 'keep' all the people you love most too!


  1. It looks wonderful and very cosy!
    Welcome back Pippa.

  2. I agree. Just reading this make me realise why I miss home so much. My hubby and little boy have moved abroad and I'm extremely homesick. Not just family and friends but my home. :)

  3. Thanks for sharing, Had to check out your blog after last night's bacon class :) Your home is lovely. Absolutely adore the wallpaper!


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