19 April 2013

revamp your flats

Spring is definitely here, and with it comes the annual ritual of 'wrapping up' your bulky winter clothes with your much lighter {and brighter} spring/summer fashions which have been put away for hibernation.

Let's face it, unless you're on a Hollywood budget - and that way, you will most likely have all the pleasure to shop for a whole new wardrobe - most mortals will indulge in a few newer pieces and trends, and mostly will try to 'blend' those in with last year's {hmm...or even many years ago!} garments and footwear.

So if your used and boring flats {or maybe your new boring flats} are no longer fit for your fashionable self here's a very simple, easy and cheap way to revamp them and give them that 'humpf' you know you deserve!

A whole new look just by adding a very trendy gold tip to your shoe!

See the full tutorial over at Brit+Co. blog {here}.

Have a great weekend with a new spring in your step!

:: image source :: all images and tutorial by Misty Spinney at Brit+Co. blog

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