31 May 2013

cinema paradiso

Who has never seen 'Cinema Paradiso'?

This must be of the most memorable moments in cinema history...well, it should be - at least it is, in my opinion!

This 1988 Italian drama has music by Ennio Morricone, and one of his most moving pieces too.

The story behind this short, which is one of last moments of the film {spoiler alert is following!} is when Salvatore returns to Rome. We get to see the little boy now as a man and returning home. He watches a film reel and discovers that it is a very special montage containing all the romantic scenes that the priest once ordered to be cut from movies played at the cinema. Alfredo spliced all the sequences together to form a single film...and this is the moment this film full of hot scenes, love sequences and censured kisses is watched.

Just magical!

Have a great weekend!


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