27 June 2013

bad weather :: people on a rainy day

What more refreshing to share with you today {as it is, an extremely hot day in Portugal!} but a photographic project entitled as 'bad weather'?

Photographer, Danny Santos, compiles images of people on a rainy day in his 'Shooting Strangers' mission.

Rain always provokes the most interesting and out of the ordinary situations, especially when it comes unannounced. People's reactions to sudden rainfall are very diverse: some get annoyed, and there are others who welcome it with a smile and take that moment as a blessing of being alive; some bring out their umbrellas whilst others simply let themselves get wet.

I found these images very fun and some even somewhat moving. Nonetheless, check them for yourself...it is an inspiring piece of work!

You can visit Danny Santos' website and follow all his work on his fanpage, too.

xoxo, Pippa


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