03 June 2013

poppies for you

I have a very good friend, one of those who has always been there for me, whether near or far, for as long as time goes; and she absolutely adores poppies.
In fact, they're her favourite flower.

For as long as I remember, and since the first day she read my blog, she keeps asking me for photos of poppies - somehow I never did...but here is my time for redemption.

For you, Gi, my dearest friend, and since we are now in YOUR month, I hope you like them!

Every once in a while,
 Fate takes pity on you
and sends you a

Someone who really gets you.
Who sees you, every side of you.
Someone who can even reveal yourself to you.

You are not an alien.
You have found your kind.

Your words will weave with their words into a blanket
 that holds you both,
And you are safe.

Even in conflict...
You feel Safe.

The connection is so deep...
You almost don't see that sliver of space between you.

You...are finally gotten.

This is Special.

{Don't Let Go}

::image source::
all photos by me, taken with my iphone

from TV series 'Enlightened'


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