09 August 2013

tutorial watermelon tote bag

Today's d.i.y. is a very fresh tutorial for a super summery watermelon tote bag.
You may find the full tutorial on the lovely French blog Madame Citron {here}.

Watermelon is definitely the fruit that most defines summer holidays, I think.

This fascinating fruit will so compliment any plain tote bag in need of a summer refreshment!
You will only need::
fabric dye {red and green} || a cotton tote || protection gloves || a recipient or tub ||
salt {check the fabric dye instructions}

Start by filling the tub with hot water, and add the red dye according to the box instructions.

Soak 3/4 of the bag in the red liquid for 20 minutes. The handles must be kept out of the dye.

Rinse with cold water together.

Then repeat the process with the green dye. This time, dip the handles in the green. Leave for 20 minutes and rinse.

Once all washed, let it dry, and enjoy the watermelon effect!!

Et voila!!

:: image source and full tutorial :: Madame Citron blog {here}


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