17 February 2014


"We grow up watching fairy tales, soap operas and films 
that teach us that it is not possible 
to be happy alone.
That you need someone to open up the door for you, 
change your lamp or tyre, 
open the tight jar, to lend you their jacket when it gets colder, 
to accompany you on the walk to school/work. 

Then time goes by and we take a stumble.

In adolescence we see in practice that it is not so simple to find that blessed soul we so call our 'twin'.
So, after some broken hearts, 
lovers out pours, swallowed time, 
digested resentment and scared soul, 
something we learn.
The practice again makes us see that we shouldn't depend on anyone else, 
and that happiness lies within us, 
not the other."

:: image source :: by gizemkarayavuz  on Flickr
:: text :: author unknown, transpaled from Portuguese 


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