24 February 2014

love someone...and say it

"If you love someone, say it. 
Don't repeat it a million times thinking it will keep the so beloved person by your side. 
But say it, because life will not warn you when's it's time to say 
'The End'. 
Stop fighting with your mother because she calls you two hundred times a day, certain things don't change. 
Don't be embarrassed to kiss your father in the cheek, 
kissing with feeling, if possible in front of everyone 
- I repeat: life does not excuse itself when it's time to take away someone.
Read much poetry, immerse yourself in the jungle of words when you want to escape the chaos, absorb all the emotion you can. 
Be a man or a woman, but be sensitive."

::image source:: via Pinterest
::text:: author unknown, translated from Portuguese


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